Introduction to

Cybersecurity Course

A free online course provided by ASEAN Foundation and Microsoft


Why do you need to learn about Cybersecurity?

Protect yourself from cybercrimes

Ensure that your personal information is secure from unauthorized access

Reduce your risk of violating mandatory security violations

Cybersecurity jobs are in demand

You have multiple viable career and educational paths

  1. Approx. 10 hours to complete

  2. English

    Subtitles: Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay
  3. Beginner level

  4. 100% Online

    Start instantly and complete at your own pace
  5. Shareable Certificate

    Earn a certificate upon completion

Course Objectives

Learn the different cybersecurity concepts and its importance in the real-world

Familiarize yourself with different cybersecurity skills and tracks that are available

Analyse and assess different cybersecurity cases and provide remediation options

Learn the different application-level threats and controls

Learn the common ways to secure the operating system and network

Learn the different risk and mitigation approaches

Gain practical tips on how to protect your privacy online

This course includes


10 hours of video


Reading materials for each modules




Certificate of completion

Who is this course for

For beginners and intermediate Internet users who are interested in learning about security, safety, and privacy

For youth job seekers or career shifters looking to start a career in Cybersecurity

For educators and facilitators aiming to equip their students/local community with basic Cybersecurity skills

For anyone who wants to gain a practical skillset in mitigating risks from all online threats and protect their personal information, files, and accounts from cyber criminals

For anyone who wants to have privacy and anonymity from hackers, governments, and corporation

Course Descriptions


This module provides learners with a baseline understanding of cybersecurity. It will tackle general security concepts and define good security architecture. An overview of cryptography is also included.


This module introduces the cyberthreat environment. Learners will also be introduced to the different cybersecurity controls.


This module discusses the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Different vulnerabilities, defects, and bugs will also be taught to learners in the context of cyber risk. The module completes with practical tips on how to reduce eliminate software vulnerabilities.


This course introduces a series of advanced topics in cybersecurity, including operating system hardening and network hardening.


Stats of the ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme

Educators, young professionals, youth job seekers, NGO facilitators equipped with basic Cybersecurity knowledge

Workshops on Introduction to Cybersecurity hosted in seven ASEAN-Member States

Local Implementing Partners engaged to train the underserved youth on Cybersecurity

End-beneficiaries to receive a free course on Introduction to Cybersecurity through this learning module

What is the

ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme?

The ASEAN Cybersecurity Skilling Programme (ACSP) is a joint initiative of the ASEAN Foundation and Microsoft. Launched in February 2022, ACSP is committed to building a digital ecosystem for the ASEAN Community on Cybersecurity. ACSP seeks to combat cybercrimes in the region by raising awareness, increasing knowledge, training, and upskilling the ASEAN citizens on Cybersecurity.

Who we are?

ASEAN Foundation

Since its inception in 1997, the ASEAN Foundation has successfully managed initiatives in ten ASEAN countries to realise its four primary mandates. The projects and activities of the foundation are ranging from training, workshops, scholarship grants, regional forums and meetings, interaction activities and exchanges, seminars and conferences, publicity and promotions.


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